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The Journey Begins

Day 1

Saturday morning my mom, brother and I left nice and early to go to the airport. We usually give ourselves a decent window of time when going to the airport in Detroit because we have to go over the border, which is never predictable. We got to the border guard and he asked the usual questions and asked where I was going and for how long. So, I explained I was going to backpack Europe for about two and a half months. He proceeded to stare at me asking why, exclaiming that it sounds boring. BORING? I couldn't believe he said that! That was the first and probably only response of its kind to someone going backpacking in Europe. Wow!

We arrived at the airport quite early and I went inside to check in for my flight, only to see there was no one working at the counter and the self check-in kiosk was not working for my flight. I figured it was because I was so early and I would wait it out. We went downstairs to grab a coffee and some breakfast while we waited for the counter to open. I checked several times, saw a huge line-up of people using the kiosk and it working for them, so I started to get worried. Everyone seemed to be on a 4:30 flight…this is when I began to panic because my flight was at 2:33. Why was I the only one on this flight and there was no one to check me in? I clued my mom and brother in on the situation and we got to work asking around to figure out what was going on. In the end, it turned out that they had switched my airline carrier, and gave me no notification. Thankfully we figured it out in time and I got everything figured out and taken care of, but thanks cheaptickets for not informing me of anything!

After that I hung out with my mom and brother for a little while longer but decided to take advantage of the lack of line up in the security gate before that huge 4:30 group was ready to go through. We said our goodbyes and I headed through security. This is always my most dreaded part of traveling. The wonderful thing about backpacking is having everything you need in one/two bags that you can carry and not have to worry about checking and wasting time gathering at your destination. However, the worst part, or the most annoying part, is taking out all of your electronics and liquids. Not only does this make packing annoying, because you have to keep them all together instead of getting to crush them into tiny spaces, but you also have take them out and put them back in once you’re through security. It’s annoying to have to pack, unpack, repack and in line with a bunch of strangers to boot! I guess it’s not that bad and I shouldn’t complain, but it is definitely one thing I hate doing every time I travel with my bag and don’t check it.

The flights went well, bit of a delay and little bit of turbulence, but otherwise no complaints! They got me where I needed to go!

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So glad you made it safe & are enjoying your travels. Love that you are doing this blog so we can share your journey !

by Tamyl

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